As a business owner and Jewelry lover, I enjoy sharing my passion for jewelry. Jewelry expresses who we are without having to say anything. For me,  it was very imperative to bring Affordable Luxury to everyone.

Jewelry has been a huge part of me for as long as I can remember, I started selling jewelry when I was a teenager, and my love for good quality jewelry has never stopped.

Many of our sterling silver product offerings will have Rhodium plating, this helps with preventing tarnishing. Some of the craftsman and manufactures we do business with do not plate the sterling silver as they feel silver should be natural, as upkeep is simple and easy.

We offer Jewelry Care tips on our site, as well, you can purchase Silver Cleaning cloths they work amazing, leaving your jewelry like new. Other products Tessories offer have Gold plating over silver, which include Yellow Gold, White Gold & Rose Gold, and some pieces have diamonds added for some extra sparkle. We also do custom jewelry for our clients as well.

Our Jewelry comes from all around the world, Thailand, USA, Europe and locally, we offer 10K – 18K Gold, Gold Filled, and Gold dipped, we work with the best craftsman and every piece is hand selected by us.

Tessories believes that special moments and milestones in life can be celebrated with Diamonds and we purchase quality loose diamonds for our clients.  Just fill out our form with your criteria and we will contact you, and help you get what you are looking for.

We also work with great jewelers for amazing finished pieces, just let us know what you are looking for and we will be able to help you.

Our Philosophy is simple, we want to bring our customers jewelry of exceptional quality at affordable prices, this is what we consider Affordable Luxury.  At Tessories, you can be sure that what you receive will be of exceptional quality and affordable.

Tessories is a Canadian operation solely owned by Ana.  The Tessories name was born thanks to my dog Tess, my love for my Wirehair Vizsla. I have been an entrepreneur from a young age, my love for jewelry and sharing what I loved has always made me happy.  Bringing my business online is very exciting and very inspiring, because as a mom, I wanted to be able to spend as much time as I possibly can with my child, attending school trips and being there after school as well as creating great memories, after all that is what life and love are all about.

Bringing my business online has always been a dream of mine as an entrepreneur.  Bringing women, children and men, merchandise that make them feel and look their best with jewelry that is Affordable Luxury.

I have always said, 

“People may forget what you wear, but they should never forget your accessories”.

tessories live love sparkle

Since I can remember I have had a love story with jewelry, and have always enjoyed sharing it with friends and family. I now can share it with everyone.  It is a pleasure sharing what I love.


Tess is a Wirehair Vizsla she is a loving and gentle dog, with so much love to give. When I first started looking for a name that would be suitable for a website I mixed her name with accessories and came up with Tessories. There is also a tab in shopping with Tess’s Pick’s these are all dog themed items. Dog’s are mans best friend, and she certainly is mine.

Tessories would like to thank you for shopping with us, we are confident that the jewelry that you purchase will reflect your style, and be the affordable luxury that we pride ourselves on.  Enjoy being Tessorized.